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Mateusz Kalinowski – Explorephoto

Mateusz Kalinowski – Explore


Artefakt Cafe, ul. Dajwór 3
Daily: 12:00–24:00

The photos come from the album titled Explore, which has been emerging over a long period, which stands in opposition to the previous entitled Sleepwalking inspired by the nightlife of the city.

Zofia Rydet – Sociological Recordphoto

Zofia Rydet – Sociological Record


Muzeum Nadwiślański Park Etnograficzny w Wygiełzowie, ul. Podzamcze 1

Mon–Fri: 8:00–15:00, Sat–Sun: 11:00–18:00

The exhibition presents works by Zofia Rydet from the cycle Sociological Record (1978-1990).

Szymon Brodziak — BRODZIAK SPACESphoto

Szymon Brodziak — BRODZIAK SPACES


Forum Przestrzenie (pawilon), ul. Marii Konopnickiej 28
Mon–Fri: 16:00–24:00, Sat–Sun: 12:00–24:00

Zbigniew Makowski – THE ALCHEMY OF LIGHTphoto

Zbigniew Makowski – THE ALCHEMY OF LIGHT

Opening: 07.05.2016, 18:00

Kawiarnia Stopklatka, ul. Brodzińskiego 8
Mon–Fri: 8:30–22:00, Sat–Sun: 9:00–22:00

I try to record the beauty of architecture and sculptures and the way I see it with the photons of each device with a matrix that I have at hand.

Andrzej Tyszko – Faces Of Musicphoto

Andrzej Tyszko – Faces Of Music


PAUZA IN GARDEN, ul. Rajska 12
Mon–Fri: 9:00–23:00, Sat: 10:00–23:00, Sun: 11:00–21:00

The album Faces of Music by Andrzej Tyszko contains 150 exceptional portraits of musicians and bands from the Polish music elite takeb by Andrzej Tyszko in the years 1982-2015.