URBAN 2016 Photo Awardscompetition

URBAN 2016 Photo Awards



URBAN 2016 Photo Awards, international contest organized by dotART cultural association, will accept entries from Sunday February 14th, 2016.

Now in its seventh edition, URBAN has as its main theme daily life in the city, which is seen through street photography: real, instant images, that capture moments, people, faces and other elements capable of telling stories woven into the urban fabric. URBAN unveils the city and its secrets.

On the special section Projects & Portfolios you can propose a sequence of images that tell a story with a free subject.

Opowiedz mi Hutę+action

Opowiedz mi Hutę+


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Opowiedz mi Hutę+ to druga odsłona projektu medialnego ARTzony OKN realizowanego przez Stylowa Nowa Huta Studio.
Po raz kolejny pokażemy Nową Hutę widzianą oczami samych mieszkańców i przez nich opowiedzianą.